What Is The Best Kratom For Energy?

Green vein kratom presents the highest level of potency and the most balanced alkaloid profile making it the perfect option for kratom enthusiasts seeking the best kratom for energy.

There is a strain of kratom for everything and just like with any similar product, there is a better choice to give you a selection over other kratom options. So, what is the best kratom for energy?

In short, green vein kratom is a good option. However, white vein kratom is also well-known because of its characteristics and structure.

Together, white and green vein kratom products are a powerhouse of bliss, multiple positive experiences, and elevated day which can benefit. There are, however, some tips and tricks to experiencing the highest-rated levels of motivation that these strains can have.

Best Energizing Kratom: What Exactly Is It?

So, what is energizing kratom exactly? Energizing kratom are kratom strains that often have higher alkaloid profiles. The effects of different kratom strains vary though considering that each is harvested at different times during the growth of the plant.

The chemical compositions of different kratom products will depend on a variety of factors and these will be the things that make up the alkaloid concentration of a product. These things will include:

  • Time of harvest
  • Age of the plant
  • The particular strain
  • The method of alkaloid isolation

For dried kratom leaves, there is usually anywhere from 0.5% to 1.5% of alkaloid concentration. Alkaloid content varies based on the product being used and there are at least 40 different alkaloids that are structurally related to kratom product profiles.

Overall, energizing kratom is often considered to point to kratom green tea options. When you enjoy a strain that impacts your day it does tend to give you a positive experience. You will often notice other complimenting effects and it’s important to realize that they aren’t the same thing.

In many cases, you could experience a feeling of elevation without the energy and vice versa. This is where experimentation comes in, but if you’re looking for energy, there are dosing suggestions and certain strains that should allow for the best experience overall.

As a result of energizing kratom, the customer will notice they begin to transform the day. Energizing kratom presents different effects but overall promotes higher levels of energy and also has a positive enhancement for your daily life.

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Why Energizing Strains Are Popular With Kratom Users

While this plant-based substance is well-known for the management of many things, it’s becoming a more popular option for those that need to combat other instances in their lives. Whether the struggle derives from faster than normal physical exertion, or the toll of poor lifestyle and health choices, the best kratom for energy has shown to be a great short and long-term solution to promote many other aspects of the day.

For some, it provides a sense of accomplishment as well. This is what kratom enthusiasts enjoy, a combination of well-balanced kratom that goes away from just sporadic energy and enhances living as well.

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What Causes These Effects?

Kratom strains can be bred to simulate the effects of any color of kratom. Generally speaking, its effects will ultimately come from the time it was harvested. This goes to say that the season in which kratom is harvested and the maturity of the plant has a lot to do with the effects that it presents. There are two different types of alkaloids that cause the effects in kratom; 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

While there isn’t a specific or set time known as “kratom harvesting season” there is an unwritten guideline that’s associated with seasons and kratom. With the kratom tree growing in a hot and humid area that goes through both wet and dry seasons, the dry season is usually going to give harvesters the best results for their products although there is a common misconception that the wet season would be the ideal time for harvest.

The tail end of the dry season is usually the harvest time of preference and that’s because alkaloid levels of the plant will be much higher. Green vein kratom has the highest levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine when compared to other kratom strains.

This makes it the most potent option and also makes it the perfect strain to start experimenting with kratom combinations. White vein kratom, for example, is harvested at the earliest stages of maturity but it still has the highest ratio of the two alkaloids present in the plant. These are reasons why you could argue, they are both great choices but it’s often better to combine their effects.

Also, you need to be aware of the maturity of the kratom tree itself. New kratom trees that have yet to produce a harvest, will not have reached a high level of alkaloid production until their first cycle of maturity has been reached. For the kratom plant, this could be about two years and where the tree is specifically grown will affect its growth rate as well. There are numerous factors that go into harvesting kratom for energizing effects and kratom farmers and distributors will pay close attention to times of maturity, the state of the plant, and the specific season before moving forward with product production.

Revealing the Best Kratom for Energy

Maeng Da is known for its high potency levels and it’s found in both green and white kratom strains. When considering what the best kratom for energy would be, green vein kratom is going to give you the best effects. Some examples of high-quality and highly effective strains that would be the best option for those seeking a boost in their lives would be:

For white vein kratom choices that you might want to add to your kratom rotation consider:

Malay kratom strains are the top choices mentioned because they are stimulating but not overly powerful. Green kratom itself is already naturally potent but realize that it’s a hybrid of white and red vein kratom. This means that you don’t have to add other white vein products to doses of green as it’s technically already present by at least 20%.

However, if you feel that you want a kick in the pants, white vein kratom is one of the best strains that you can combine with a green strain (like our Dragon Dust blend). While there may be the concern of overstimulation or being completely over-astounded, green vein kratom counteracts a lot of the effects that white blends would present.

Keep in mind though that it is still possible to cause yourself to be overstimulated when you introduce different strains to each other depending on dosage and how you take it. The most efficient way to find out what works best for you is to start with small doses and to sample different strains. Green kratom presents a well-balanced profile making it a good base for small-dosed additives or to take as is.

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Dosing Matters

In general, lower doses of kratom are seen as a stimulant and this is where feelings of goodness will come from. On the other end, in higher doses, blissful feelings are often experienced. Green vein kratom is considered to be a well-balanced option, giving kratom users a good way to experience structured goodness.

It presents specific characteristics but can be thought of as giving a similar response to that of espresso but without catching a case of the “jitters”. Additionally, green vein kratom is seen as the best kratom for energy because it’s long-lasting, and its effects hit quite quickly.

One simple dose could last kratom users all day and when you mix white vein kratom or potentiate a dose of green kratom such as Green Malay, you will experience what is needed without lacking that sense of bliss that kratom enthusiasts love. This is another reason why white vein kratom is a good additive. Combining these two strains will often work as an enhancer. You will receive more enhancement while still experiencing a positive and noticeable level of productivity in the day.

Potentiating Kratom to Increase Its Effectiveness

If you are using the best kratom for energy and want to heighten those effects, there are a variety of natural ways that you can do this. Making kratom products more potent can be done with ingredients that you might have readily available in your home.

Potentiation is a way to increase the strength of the kratom you’re using and while combining different strains is a great option, using kratom potentiators is a good way to elevate your experience with just one strain (you can still do this with kratom mixtures) if you don’t want to practice with combinations just yet. You can potentiate kratom with things such as:

  • Grapefruit
  • CBD products
  • Turmeric
  • Watercress

Drinking the Best Kratom for Energy and Experimenting With Its Effects

The best kratom for energy is going to fall within the green vein kratom family. With its natural balance of the best of both worlds, it’s not hard to energize your day while keeping yourself down to earth at the same time. As the perfect option between white and red kratom strains, green vein kratom will give you the perfect level of what you need while also lasting for longer periods. White vein kratom, however, is known to be a great energy enhancer and will promote an elevated experience in goodness seekers.

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While everyone will experience kratom differently, the best way to find the ideal kratom for your needs will be through experimentation. To get started, The Kratom Family features a variety of green and white kratom products and sample packs to allow you to give them both a try.

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