Kratom gives consumers a boost to their day. It can also help with influencing better enjoyment and have you on your way in no time. The kratom experience is different for everyone and it’s easier than you might think to develop a tolerance for your favorite strain. This often pushes kratom users to get imaginative with how they use it.

To fully unlock the potential of this amazing plant, many people use Kratom potentiators to enhance its effects. Herbal teas, turmeric, kava kava, tulsi, and licorice root are all excellent choices for boosting the Bali kratom effects. For those that like a cross between many different scenarios, Bali kratom gives you the balance of all.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top herbal potentiators that elevate the experience and widen your scope of how you could be enjoying your kratom products.

1. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral and different herbs are packed full of multiple vitamins and minerals. There are also a variety of different herbal sources of magnesium such as different green vegetables like spinach or collard, turnip, and mustard greens. Magnesium can also be consumed through different nuts such as brazil nuts, cashews, or peanuts or you could consume whole grains, dried beans, or certain seeds. What’s great about this is that oftentimes, these are foods most people have around their homes.

However, to get enough magnesium to properly potentiate your kratom, taking supplements is a better way to get a concentrated dose. There are a variety of herbal magnesium supplements on the market that you can easily order online or get from a grocery or wellness store. Using mineral supplements is a good way to potentiate kratom products. One of the lesser-known kratom potentiation tricks even by long-term users is using magnesium. Taking these supplements can help to reduce your overall tolerance of kratom and this is one of the most popular advantages of using this type of option.

Not only will it boost kratom effects, but it could also help with other things as well. Magnesium is known for influencing better sleep and for increasing levels of energy. Pairing this type of potentiator with Bali kratom will only enhance the experience for the user. It has been said magnesium on its own can help with improving your mood and controlling headaches.

When paired with kratom, you’ll notice a stronger reaction to the product, however, while magnesium supplements are packed with advantages, many people often forget that it’s also a natural laxative. You might want to keep this in mind so that you can monitor how much you’re using. The general rule is that higher doses of magnesium are more laxative. Please be aware of this if you have never tried Magnesium. It can ruin your day quick if you take too much.

2. Tulsi

If you haven’t heard of tulsi before, it’s another word for holy basil which is a very aromatic plant that is popular to use for tea. Tulsi kratom tea is often a sought out treat for kratom users and given the slightly sweet and spicy taste, it’s not hard to see why. Tulsi a great daily booster that is often free of caffeine and it’s a great way to tap into Bali kratom effects. Herbal teas are a go-to choice for kratom potentiators.

Chamomile and turmeric are two examples of herbal options that would complement the use of tulsi or would be just as good when used on their own. If you want to experience heightened Bali kratom effects, drinking herbal teas is a good way to do it, especially if you want to achieve success at the end of your day or during times of trouble.

3. Grapefruit

You might immediately think grapefruit is a citrus fruit, not an herb. While this is completely true, citrus fruits, or more specifically, the peels of those fruits, are key ingredients in Chinese herbal medications and other herbal applications. Keep in mind that for something to be “herbal”, it’s usually something made from plants or botanicals.

Basically, the product has to trace back to an herb or plant source. Herbal products can come in the form of tablets or capsules, extracts, and yes, tea. Many kratom users enjoy using grapefruit, or the juice of the fruit mainly because it masks the bitter taste of the alkaloid-rich kratom powder. The citric acid in grapefruit juice blends well with the alkaloids of kratom particles, helping to preserve their effects. What people don’t often consider is that citric acid doesn’t just come from the actual fruit’s juice. It can easily be extracted from the peel or rind as well.

Grapefruit juice in general can affect how drugs are metabolized or absorbed in the body, which could make them work less effectively. This is because it interferes with enzymes and transporters that help drugs enter the body. This can be a problem if you take certain medications. Having too much grapefruit juice while taking specific drugs may increase the amount of the drug in your blood and cause side effects. With this, you want to be careful with other medications that you are taking because there are a lot of them that simply don’t mix well with grapefruit.

So, the general rule is to potentiate with caution depending on what else you might be using aside from kratom powder. This mainly applies to anyone taking daily prescriptions. This is why we do not recommend using Kratom of any kind while you are taking any sort of medication. 

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Keep In Mind…

One thing to keep in mind is that this top kratom potentiator isn’t only limited to grapefruit although it is one of the more popular options. It can actually include any type of citrus juice. Lemon is a good example because it helps to really draw out the alkaloids present in kratom and even helps to slow the breakdown of the product itself meaning, the Bali kratom effects you’ll experience, will last much longer.

This is why potentiators like grapefruit and lemon or citric acid extracts are so popular with kratom enthusiasts. It’s a safe way to increase the strength and duration of your dose. It’s also a great additive for those that love herbal teas and the chance to enhance them. We love using grapefruit with Kratom green strains as this is our favorite strain of Kratom to use with potentiators.

Not to mention, you aren’t just extending the lifespan of Bali kratom effects or heightening what you feel. You’re also enhancing the intake step because raw kratom powder can be difficult to take in, especially for newbies that haven’t found their ideal method of consumption.

4. Watercress

Not many people know what watercress is when they immediately hear about it. It’s an aquatic herb that’s often used for medicinal purposes. Unless you’re used to eating it, you may have come across watercress being used as a type of garnish. It’s actually a popular plant that’s often used as a feature in stir-fries, a great side for main dishes, goes well in soups, and makes a great leafy vegetable for salads. In general, watercress is packed full of vitamins C, E, and A, making it a great natural potentiator for kratom products.

The main reason for this is that watercress inhibits the CYP450 enzyme which plays a large role in cellular metabolism and affects the interactions of different medications and supplements. This is what could cause a significant spike in the Bali kratom effects that you experience. This will also result in those effects lasting much longer.

A good way to consume watercress with kratom would be by juicing it. This gives you a chance to add to the juice but pay attention to using additional potentiators as it is possible to overstimulate your kratom experience. You can also make different dishes and still experience Bali kratom effects on the side of the recipe that you make. This particular potentiator is a great option for anyone looking for a reason to try something new or that enjoys juicing fruits and vegetables.

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5. Cat’s Claw

It’s not what you think….it’s actually a woody type of vine that you’d find in a tropical jungle. Cat’s Claw is also an herbal dietary supplement that’s often used to help treat viral infections among a variety of other health conditions. What’s interesting is that it makes a great booster for kratom products.

This supplement has two main alkaloids and they act very similarly to the alkaloids present in the kratom plant. Pairing them together is a great complementary option because they both have similar enzyme inhibitors.

6. Black Seed

Bali kratom is known for its potency and that’s also where a lot of its popularity has derived from. Black seed, black seed oil, or what’s often known as black cumin seed isn’t just a way to give your kratom products a boost in the way they work. For example, if you experience a hangover, there might be certain steps that you take to prevent the adverse effects of that hangover before it happens.

You might even take preventative steps to keep yourself from experiencing the hangover completely. Black seed works in the same way for kratom products. Depending on how much kratom you take, the strain, and other personal factors, as the effects of the kratom start to wear off, they might not be as pleasing as when they were in full effect. Black seed helps to reduce those adverse effects.

A Healthy Way to Boost Bali Kratom Effects and Extend Your Kratom Collection

Bali kratom lovers enjoy it because it allows them to tap into a sense of success and is often found to be comforting for those that prefer finding ways to better enjoy their day. Bali kratom effects present better days and optimizes general wellness. It can be used after long days just to achieve a better approach to your plans. Herbal potentiators are great ways to boost your overall health while getting more out of your kratom products.

To see what potentiators work best for you, first, start with finding the kratom products that you enjoy the most.

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