Herbal medicines have gone back as far as 60,000 years and over time, the way we use plant-based material, and kratom extracts, has expanded and become more streamlined as we found better ways to get more from the herbal options that we chose. Kratom is one of those popular plants that was found to be beneficial to different levels of positive function and the way we use it has also advanced with time.

Kratom has been around since Dutch Botanist Pieter Willem Korthals discovered it in 1831 and documented its use. It wasn’t until 5 years after this that its use was added to literature. It also can’t quite be pinpointed when kratom was used for the first time as kratom used for medicinal purposes is considered to be a potentially ancient practice as it dates back centuries. Regardless of when it started, those that have used it have recognized the power of this plant and we can see that due to the categorization of different kratom strains.

What’s even better is the discovery of kratom extracts and how they can be used in different foods, drinks, or present in supplement form to enhance a kratom experience. We’re going to talk about the power of kratom extracts and how they can directly benefit your tea so that you know what to expect and how to use extracts safely. So, keep reading to learn how to take your tea-drinking to the next level and experience kratom at a higher level than you thought you could achieve.

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Understanding the Extraction

Kratom consists of two psychoactive ingredients that contribute to the effects that you feel from the plant when you use it. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are responsible for those effects and it mainly acts as a tool for improving life experiences. The results are based off the dosage you plan on taking that day.

Mitragynine is a natural indole alkaloid and gives off analgesic effects when extracted from a plant being used for medicinal purposes. You might recognize this as Mitragynine Speciosa which is another word from kratom. The dry leaves of the plant can be used to brew tea or be combined with other ingredients but kratom extracts often give more of a powerful experience and this is something that kratom enthusiasts are noticing.

While kratom itself was first used in the 1800’s, this particular ingredient that comes from the plant wasn’t discovered until about 1994, and even then, rarely used in America. In the early 2000’s, American consumers eventually began to find out about Kratom. Extracting the alkaloids from kratom have been found to act as more of a boat compared to what kratom products might present in their natural form. Alkaloid concentration varies based on the method of extraction. You’ll notice that there are different kratom varieties so, for example, Thai varieties and Malaysian varieties will differ.

In Malaysian varieties of kratom, mitragynine will often come in lower concentrations and that’s because they present as 12% of alkaloid totals. In comparison, Thai varieties will present 66% of alkaloid totals. 7-hydroxymitragynine within this variety will make up at least 2% of the full alkaloid total.

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Considering the Potency

Kratom extracts help to elevate the effects of the amount that you decide to use. They serve as great options for customization as you can have as much or as little as you want to add to different ingredients whether for food or drinks. There are three main reasons why you might want to use kratom extracts;

  • To have the ability to customize potency levels
  • Increase levels of effectiveness
  • It’s financially smart

Kratom extracts accompanied with other kratom products act as a way to supplement the dose that you take. They are significantly more powerful than your average dose. The concentrations of the compounds that make up different kratom products are going to be different.

This means that the alkaloid amount in different products will have a different effect on the experience you have and the levels of powerful effects. Some may find it difficult to properly find the right dosage for a kratom extract, especially if you are not used to supplementing your kratom powder or other kratom products with it or even if taking extracts alone.

Kratom extracts are measured by how much kratom powder or plant matter makes up the amount of the extract you decide to take. This will usually be represented as 2X, 5X, 45X, or even 50X whereas you might also see some forms of kratom extract that will come out to 2 grams, 8 grams, or anything that you decide to customize it to. Having a 45:1 extract is a sure way to elevate the level of effectiveness that you feel if combined with tea.

Considering Dose and Price Savings

They could be boiled with kratom leaves to add a strong kick to any cup of regular tea or taken before or after drinking some. It is an effective addition to kratom tea that you might already have daily. This is where dosing becomes significantly important as extracts offer high levels of power on their own so when added to other products, you can expect to potentially feel the effects faster, stronger, and for a longer time.

Additionally, you have to keep in mind that while extracts are used a lot of the time to increase the effects of a dose, they also allow your money to go further since this is a good way to stretch the amount of kratom powder you already have. Plus, the more you buy within one order, the more you will save on that order.

The Reasons for Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are made from large amounts of kratom powder put into separate doses to make chewables, capsules, or a separate powder and they can be used to make a kratom tincture as well which is a liquid version of kratom. Extracts for tea help you to boost the concentration of your tea and give you more variety along with the added strength.

Kratom extract products are often used to make a tincture dose and it’s an easy way to have an extra shot of the product mixed with your tea of choice which is a fast way to achieve what you want out of it. This is one of the most popular reasons for using kratom extracts as many people find it useful to use when combating various situations they’re struggling with at the time.

By having different methods of extraction, options for tea additives and potentiation also increase. You can customize the levels of potency, achieve better product variation, and extend the life of the effects you feel. Knowing the different methods of extraction can also help you to determine what you want to try with your tea and how much of it.

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How Is Kratom Extracted?

There are a variety of ways to extract kratom;


This is an effective way to extract kratom that is rich in alkaloids to help give better yields from the kratom that you take but within shorter time frames. It is more of a modern and streamlined version of kratom extraction and is a newer technique compared to more conventional methods. Another word for it is ultrasound-assisted extraction and the reason for its popularity is its design. It allows for more effective alkaloid extraction and this method reduces overall extraction time and promotes the chances of higher extraction yields as we mentioned. There is also less chance of damaging active compounds in the plant. Ultransonification kratom is a good way to add a quick kick to your tea.

Extraction With Alcohol

This method involves using alcohol to create a distillation process for kratom extract production. This form may not extract as many alkaloids as other methods, therefore, giving you less of a kick than other options but it can still be customized to your desired dose.

Water-Based Extraction

More water-based extraction options involve steeping kratom leaves. Even after filtration, the tincture that is produced is a strong option to add to your kratom tea. This is a fast way to achieve an enhanced libido or even a boost in your overall mood. Your body can absorb the kratom faster since it will be in its liquid form and this is one reason that the water-based method is so popular.

The Benefits of Using Extracts in Tea

When you use kratom extracts in tea, you can better determine the appropriate dose by gradually increasing your dose as you try it. This would be a better method to use when first trying a kratom extract because of how much power is even within a small dose. You would also benefit from trying different types of extracts so that you can test which options respond better to the results that you hope for during an experience.

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Getting More Out of Your Tea With Kratom Extracts

The concentrations across kratom products are different but one effective way to get more out of your tea is to supplement it with kratom extracts. With the powerful punch that a kratom extract can bring, you’ll want to start low and increase your dose as you see what best fits your needs. If interested in trying new ways to enhance the effects and the life of your tea and other kratom use, get started with an extract today to see what you’ve been missing.

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