If you’re looking to buy kratom online, consider using a kratom potentiator that works. Potentiators are like boosters to the product and they can help to maintain a lower level of tolerance for the product while also increasing the longevity of, not just the results of the kratom tea, but the amount of product purchased. Potentiating kratom doesn’t take too much additional effort as one would be surprised to find out that many of the top options are things merely lying around your home.

To learn how to give kratom a boost and get the most out of what you have, keep reading as we reveal the reason potentiators are well-liked by kratom enthusiasts, the top 5 kratom potentiators, and how to pair them properly.

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What Is a Kratom Potentiator Exactly?

Kratom potentiators, or the act of potentiation in general, are a method used to increase the potency of a product. When one pairs the use of potentiators with kratom tea, it is essentially lengthening the lifespan of the tea. This means less tea powder to have the same experience as from a larger dose. This also means savings every time customers need to buy kratom online. This is also a way to switch things up by adding a bit of a splash to each experience when enjoying kratom.

Kratom potentiators inhibit enzymes throughout the body and this is how they work to help enhance the results of products that are enjoyed. Not only is kratom a natural product, but potentiation is also a popular method of heightening the boost by using additional natural products. This makes it an enjoyable way to get more from the tea.

Now consumers will have, not just variety in the kratom they use, but the way that they can consume it. With potentiation, kratom users, new and seasoned, are tapping into more creative ways to enjoy the product while potentially gaining more opportunities to experience different strains of the product with optimized effects.

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The Top 5 Kratom Potentiators

Kratom potentiation is closer in reach because many of the items/alternatives used to boost kratom results can be found in a pantry or refrigerator. These items are also easily found at any nearby pharmacy, or store, or even gas station. Let’s take a look at the top 5 potentiators.

1. Cayenne Pepper

This spicy spice can be used for more than giving a kick to the tea blends created. Not surprising, cayenne pepper is actually a great additive to kratom. Wondering how to pair this spice with your kratom products (considering it might not be the most appetizing or the easiest thing to consume without having it completely mixed with something else)? Well, that’s exactly what needs to be done…mix it well.

It would be best to match the amount of cayenne blended with the kratom. This means taking equal parts of each item to create a well-paired amount to get a better boost of results from the product. Customers can do this when using kratom capsules too. They could even add cayenne to tea but it would be best to start out with a small amount until they are used to the taste, and level of spice that it presents. Studies have shown that capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne pepper, is a strong potentiator as well.

Cayenne pepper also offers a variety of health benefits that many people don’t know about. It has been said cayenne is a good way to prevent allergies while improving blood circulation, digestion and even alleviating toothaches. Imagine pairing these benefits with the selection of your chosen kratom strain.

2. Citrus Juices

One might think of Vitamin C when citrus fruit juices are mentioned. Citrus also consists of multiple flavonoids, is a good source of fiber, and can help with improving gastrointestinal functioning. Aside from the abundance of health benefits that citrus offers, it’s also a great pairing for kratom and the best thing is that any citrus juice will work fine. It has been said grapefruit is the more popular choice in this option. So, whether the choice is grapefruit juice, or lemon juice, any citrus option will help to extract those alkaloids present in kratom products.

This is what will give the experience a boost and is a good way to stretch the supply, essentially making it last longer. Citrus makes kratom doses significantly more effective. This is a good choice for kratom tea since it’s easy to just pour in and mix while giving the kratom tea an interesting combination of flavors.

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3. Caffeine

Caffeine is a good addition to Kratom when you want to steady yourself or relax. Kratom powder can either heighten energy or do the opposite by helping one relax. To achieve a higher level of energy, pair your kratom with any form of caffeine.

This could be something as simple as coffee or the caffeine from caffeine supplements. Keep in mind that adding caffeine to kratom is a way to set the tea powder into hyperdrive while giving a higher level of effects. It would be best to do a bit of trial and error with the source of caffeine used as well as the amounts used to pair with Kratom in order to figure out what works best.

4. Chamomile

The opposite effects of caffeine additives can be achieved by using chamomile. This is a popular method of kratom potentiation as it’s flavorful, easy to get, and a good way to enhance the characteristics of kratom. Customers who are kratom tea drinkers AND chamomile tea drinkers, will enjoy this pairing of a lifetime. Chamomile will create an enjoyable opportunity to tap into the gentler side of kratom, while pairing with one’s favorite tea strain.

5. Matcha

The fact that matcha powder is a kratom potentiator may surprise people. Due to the presence of L-theanine within the product, matcha can increase the experience of a regular kratom dose. L-theanine is an amino acid that one can find a lot of the time in both green and black tea and other plant sources such as mushrooms. This amino acid is a good source of increased relaxation and can help to improve sleep but at the same time, it can improve alertness and brain function. Matcha and kratom together are the perfect combination to increase relaxation or enhance the effects of any strain you prefer.

Anyone who is a fan of matcha can pair it with kratom in the way that will make it delectable and enjoyable. Customers can add their kratom to a matcha latte or brew them both together for a delicious and health-enhancing tea.

The List of Kratom Boosters Is Long

The list of kratom potentiators is quite long and there is a broad range of products that you can use to give your dose of kratom a noticeable boost. A few other popular options that are just as easy to get are:

  • Valerian Root
  • Turmeric
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

A lot of the things that people have in their home can create an entirely different kratom experience when used together. Many of these options will pair well with any strain that one prefers, although you may notice some options are better paired with certain strains to give the best effects. Potentiation is essentially a way to make kratom use more fun, enjoyable, and long-lasting, all while doing this in a safe way.

Why Is Potentiation Popular?

There are multiple reasons that someone would want to potentiate kratom and the main reason is to heighten their experience. Aside from getting more out of kratom, there are a few key features that potentiation is popular for.

Tolerance Reduction

The more one uses any substance, the higher the tolerance gains for that substance. The higher the tolerance, the more one will need to use each time. In the Kratom community this is also known as Stagnant Strain Syndrome and can be a roadblock to enjoying tea in the future. Raising tolerance means customers will be spending more money to get more out of the kratom products they purchase. Potentiation is a way to lower that tolerance.

Learn more about tolerance resetting.

Effect Duration Increases

Potentiators work like kratom boosters. When customers boost kratom, they are slowing down the time it takes for the effects of the alkaloids to wear off and this is what will increase the duration of those effects.

Making Kratom Stronger in Ways You Didn’t Know You Could

Kratom potentiation is an undeniable way to increase the longevity of the effects felt from enjoying kratom, lengthening the collection, and also saving money in the long run. By using kratom potentiators, customers will get more out of their kratom tea purchases, untap a new world of kratom use, and uncover ways that increase forms of creativity. This can also lead to further exploring the strains of kratom you most enjoy or that you want to figure out if you enjoy.

The best way to find out what flavors, benefits, and levels of effects are best for you, would be to start experimenting with different potentiators and high-quality kratom.

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