Kratom Tolerance Reset Bundle


A month long Kratom tolerance reset bundle consisting of:

✔️200g of Stem & Vein

✔️150g of Crushed leaf

✔️Discord reset support group

✔️30 day microdosing strategy

✔️ My personal strategy during your reset


Our Kratom tolerance reset bundle is perfect for your month-long journey to reset your tolerance levels. This reset bundle will consist of 150g of crushed leaf along with 200g of stem and vein as well as instructions, Discord group, and strategies to help you reset your tolerance levels perfectly. We only use the best crushed leaf & stem and vein from our farmer in Western Kalimantan and will also provide you with a “beforehand” strategy to prepare for your month long journey.

What Is A Kratom Tolerance Reset?

A Kratom tolerance reset is typical with someone who has been enjoying Kratom tea for a long time with extensive use to the point that their Kratom powder is not effective anymore. This is also known as Stagnant Strain Syndrome, which can cause the user to increase their tea use over long periods of time which, in turn, creates larger tolerances based on amounts enjoyed.

Resetting your Kratom tolerance can help you get back to the days when you were first enjoying Kratom tea! This month long strategy can help you reset your tolerance levels which will cause you to intake at lower amounts each time.

How Do I Know I Need A Kratom Tolerance Reset?

If you are experiencing any of these attributes, more than likely you need a month long reset:

  • Increased use throughout the day
  • Increase in amount of tea consumed each time you enjoy
  • Unfortunately, your Kratom tea doesn’t seem to be doing the job it used to
  • Your Kratom tea isn’t lasting as long as it used to last

If you are experiencing any of these characteristics, it is completely possible you need to think about a Kratom tolerance reset.

I Know I Need To Reset My Tolerance, But I’ve Heard It’s Difficult

Giving up things you love is always tough. However, with The Kratom Family Kratom Tolerance Reset bundle it’s easy! First, you won’t be doing this by yourself. When you order your reset bundle with us, you will automatically be invited into our Discord Family. Not only is this a great place to chat with other like-minded Kratom enthusiasts like yourself, we have a special chat directed at people who are resetting their Kratom tolerance as well.

In Discord you will never be alone. This is a great place to discuss alternatives and separate strategies that have been working for other people who are resetting their tolerance (or have reset in the past) to get the best results. One thing I have discovered is that when someone goes through a reset, it’s important to know you have the support of others around you to keep yourself on track.

Remember, the reset starts when you click the order button. Have a date in mind that you would like to begin (this needs to be at least a month in advance before your reset). Myself and our team will be there to guide you through this exciting event! You’re going to be so glad you participated in a reset for your body. The reward comes the day after your reset when you try Kratom powder again at a lower dose and realize how strong it is! There is a way back to potency and it comes through a reset.

On top of this, I will give you my BEFORE & DURING plan to help you achieve the maximum results with resetting your Kratom tolerance. So, if you’re in the mood to reset, make a date one month beforehand (because the BEFORE plan requires you prepare one month in advance) and grab this bundle today.

Good luck, and happy resetting!


Additional information

Weight 350 g
WAAVE Compliance