Premium Green Bliss


Enjoy the powerful strain of both Premium and original Green Bliss in one item! We have merged the two products into Premium Green Bliss and it is EXCELLENT!

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Premium Bliss is a unique green strain that has been tenderly taken care of in the harvesting and drying process. This results in higher alkaloid content and a stronger experience for those of you who love green Kratom. You will not be disappointed in this one! Both our Premium Green Bliss and regular Bliss are a lovely pure green and customers compare these to derivations of a Maeng Da leaf. We have took careful time with drying with UV light and sunlight to extract the high quality of alkaloids in this plant for you.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

Green Vein100%

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250 grams, Kilo, 125g

WAAVE Compliance