EDITOR’S NOTE – The Kratom Family has currently stopped providing Kratom extracts to our customers. We believe since extracts are a synthisized version of the Kratom leaf, it is a far cry from the “All-natural” approach to Mother Nature that we’re trying to accomplish. This article is kept for informational purposes only.

Kratom extracts are popular because it’s often 2:1 or significantly more in terms of potency when compared to regular kratom powder with our popular extracts being 45:1 (or 45% MIT) in terms of strength. With great strength though, comes responsibility, and just like anything else with a variety of pros, there are cons that you should be aware of as well so that you get the most from kratom extracts while using them in the safest and most effective way possible.

Kratom extracts are different from regular kratom products. We’re going to list the pros and cons of this type of kratom that truly packs a punch so that you can get the most from your experience with extracts.

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Pros of Kratom Extracts

A kratom extract is a concentrated form of kratom that contains higher levels of alkaloids. Extracts can come in the form of a powder, resin, or a tincture. Each extract is exactly as they sound. A resin extract, which has the highest level of concentration is basically a concentration in the form of kratom paste, a tincture is a concentrated liquid form of kratom, and powder extracts are derived from concentrated kratom powder.

Each one of these options can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the most popular methods of consumption though is taking it in chewable form. This type of extract makes them portable, easy to use, dose, and keep track of. In some cases, it might be thought that kratom extracts are difficult to get the hang of when trying to dose properly.

It really just depends on the advertised strength of the extract which will often range from 2X to 50X, or more when compared to a kratom powder. Regardless of the strength, there are a few other pros that are helpful to know.

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Extracts Are Easy to Make and Easy to Consume

Kratom extracts are often easy to make although not many kratom enthusiasts would go through the process of trying to make their own when extracts are so readily available. One of the most popular at-home options for creating your own kratom extracts is using the Red Bubble Method which involves isolating the alkaloids in your kratom product to enhance its potency. You can also do a water-based extraction which involves using ethanol and water with kratom leaves to form a liquid extract.

Creating your own can be simple but in the case that you want to start with something milder as you work your way up to pure kratom extracts, one of the simplest ways to do this is by steeping kratom to create tea and manipulating the level of concentration you get. How long you steep it will depend on the end result of the concentration.

Kratom extracts are also very easy to consume because of their portability. Not to mention, they are often very accessible but with this, you should know that with kratom extracts, use in moderation is important.

Convenience Is Often a Top Feature

If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy kratom, kratom extracts are the way to go. One of the biggest hurdles for kratom lovers, even for those that are seasoned, is finding an effective, comfortable, quick, and preferred method of consumption. With chewable extracts, there is no preparation involved and it doesn’t take a lot of practice like raw kratom powder might.

The extraction is already put into a pill-like form making them convenient to carry and consume on the go or as needed without having to do much of anything beforehand. Because of the form that this type of kratom often comes in, you can alter the dose on the go as well by just breaking the chewable apart. Also, kratom extracts are even convenient when it comes to storage and maintenance.

From a general standpoint, kratom often lasts for months but this obviously will vary based on a variety of different factors with how your kratom is stored being one of them. Botanicals in general can, in some cases, last for a year or longer before their effects start to weaken but this is often only when proper storing practices are adopted. Regardless of the type of kratom product you’re using, anytime kratom is exposed to oxygen, its alkaloids begin to break down. This will significantly alter the freshness of the product over time and yes, its effectiveness will be lowered as well.

Luckily, extracts are easy to store, observe while in storage, and are simple to keep track of because they are already individually made. All you have to do is ensure you’re storing your extracts in a consistently dry area that’s free of moisture and that isn’t in direct sunlight. Keeping the temperature normalized is another helpful tip as well as going for something airtight when storing it.

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Reputable Sellers Help Protect the Strength and Safety of Extracts

The best kratom extracts are made by reputable vendors that adhere to high processing standards and undergo third-party lab testing of their products. Due to the variety of ways that kratom can be extracted and because of how naturally potent it is post-extraction, having inspection processes like this not only ensures you get a strong shipment of extracts, but that you are also getting a safe product to work with. Those that don’t have this process in place are at risk of contaminating their products with mold, pathogens, and heavy metals which will negatively affect the user.

Extracts Offer Versatility

Kratom often has a very distinct texture and taste when you take it with kratom extracts, even in chewable form, differ from kratom powder in that nature. With kratom extracts, they easily mix with a variety of beverages allowing you to bypass having to chew them if you choose not to. This means that you don’t have to worry about adjusting to the texture of kratom if you aren’t used to it while still taking advantage of its benefits. Having the versatility and convenience of being able to easily dissolve and mix them into something else or chew them, are two reasons behind their popularity.

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Less Product With More Strength

Kratom extracts are a potent, natural alternative to opioids that can be used for a variety of reasons such as managing the effects that come with some chronic instances in their life. Kratom binds to the brain’s receptors and stimulates the tea drinker (or, in this case, Kratom extracts) which can help them get the most out of their enjoyment with the products. Extracts give you more power to address the problems that you do have, and many have found these can assist them live a better lifestyle. For our Kratom tea drinkers, one of the most popular items discovered is how the Red Bali effects are so beneficial to their life. Extracts do the same thing, just a little stronger. However, we recommend sticking with plain leaf Kratom, especially our Kratom green strains.

You essentially get more power in one chewable than you would from a cup of kratom tea or tossing and washing kratom powder. This means that you can cover more ground with less product. While this is often seen as an advantage of kratom extracts, it can have its faults, because it is possible to take too much of an extract, throw your tolerance out of balance, or over-stimulate yourself. Please be aware, too much usage of Kratom extracts can cause dependence and it can happen very quickly. We do not recommend even starting Kratom extracts at all.

Overall though, with proper dosing practices, you can safely enjoy extracts without causing harm to your experience with kratom altogether. For a kratom chewable, we recommend breaking them in half and starting from there, especially if you have never tried kratom extracts before. Starting with a lower dose will help you to develop a baseline of how it makes you feel and give you the chance to assess how you react to it. Then, you can gradually add to your dose as you learn more about your relationship with kratom extracts.

Cons of Kratom Extracts

Just like there are pros to using extracts, there are cons that you should be aware of so that you can experience the effects of extracts safely. The best place to start is realizing that like with anything else, it’s possible to form an unwanted dependency on anything. It’s also possible to develop an unintended resistance against something the more that you use it. To avoid these things, proper use is the key while also keeping potential disadvantages in mind. If you MUST use Kratom extracts, please use them sparingly. One per month can even be too much. Just use caution.

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Getting the Hang of Dosing Can Be Difficult for Some

To keep the extracts as potent as possible, they are often made using solvents. In some ways, this also helps with producing higher-quality extracts. Extracts are very different from kratom powder and the same rules for powder don’t apply other than starting at a low dose and increasing in moderation.

Kratom extracts, regardless of the type, may not be for everyone. They are naturally very potent, making it difficult for some to catch on to how to a proper starting point in the beginning. Without understanding this, you could potentially alter your tolerance for kratom which will affect how you react to your other favorite kratom products.

Not Recommended for Daily Use

It can be difficult to get out of your routine way of thinking once you include extracts. The thing is, kratom extracts are not recommended for daily use so this is something you have to keep in mind when trying them. They are also not recommended to be added to your kratom rotations and you should consider spacing out the time between each extract you take. Although people do report enjoying extracts alongside their Kratom tea, it is done sparingly.

Keep in mind, extracts are significantly more potent than regular kratom powder, so bi-weekly or monthly use may be a better option than anything with a shorter turnaround time. In high doses, you could alter your tolerance levels to even the slightest bit of Kratom powder, so please advance with caution.

Increases Your Chances of Gaining a Higher Tolerance

With kratom extracts, you don’t need as much because you will often experience double or more strength compared to kratom powder. The more you take, the higher the tolerance you will develop, which you don’t want to cause as it will alter the way you respond to “regular” kratom powder. While there are ways to reset your tolerance, it’s recommended to start using proper dosing tactics from the start of using extracts.

Proper Use Means an Enhanced Experience

Kratom extracts are a beloved kratom product by those that understand how they work and what to expect from them. They are more enjoyed by kratom users that have figured out the right medium for extract dosing and that use them responsibly. If you’re interested in learning more about the powerful punch that kratom extracts offer, start with a high-quality product and remember to use them wisely to get the most out of your experience.

Please note: We are not doctors and this cannot be considered medical advice. Kratom extracts can be dangerous when used often. Do not use Kratom extracts if you are pregnant or nursing, using prescription medication or street drugs, using alcohol or tobacco, or even other supplements. Please consult your doctor before using Kratom extracts.

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