While you understand there are many ways to buy Kratom online, some people may not know how to take kratom powder, potentiate it, and to preserve it. Whether you want to find the most efficient way to blend your kratom into your coffee, add it to your tea, or simply do a grab-and-go if you’re in a rush, there is a kratom consumption method to match any scenario. At least 10% of the global population battles chronic pain for a range of different reasons. Even 50% of people have the issue of concentrating and focusing.

Kratom has become a popular staple for people that want a better way to regain a level of normalcy and there are a few different ways to achieve that with the way you take kratom.

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Drinking Powdered Tea

One of the most popular ways to learn how to take Kratom powder is by making tea – and it’s also simple. While you might think that simply using kratom tea leaves to get the most potent brew is the easiest way, using powder to do it is actually more sought out than using the leaf.

The process is easy to navigate once you get the hang of it but it’s not as simple as you might think. There are a few things to remember when drinking powdered tea to get the most out of it and the main trick is to realize that boiling water isn’t the best choice for kratom powder.

The reason you want to avoid this is to keep yourself from altering the chemical makeup of the kratom and risk compromising the results you want to achieve from your pot or cup of tea. There is also such a thing as under and over-steeping your kratom as well and this will ruin what you desire out of your tea.

The best way to do this would be to bring your water to a boil initially and then mix your desired amount of kratom with the water; .5 grams or less might be a good starting place for a cup. Keep in mind that if you’re combining another type of tea, you can start to steep your tea bag after the powder has dissolved and come down to an appropriate temperature. Additionally, the amount of water you use won’t alter the effects of the dose, just the taste of it.

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The Toss and Wash Method

Tossing and washing may sound fun but it’s also a convenient strategy. The toss-and-wash method is one of the easiest ways to consume kratom powder and it’s an even better way to preserve your stash since you aren’t risking the waste of any of your kratom powder. It’s quite easily done and there are two ways to use the toss and wash method. Simply put, it works exactly as it sounds, you toss some kratom powder into your mouth and wash it down with your favorite drink or simply use water. It may not be the most popular way to learn how to take Kratom powder, but it’s definitely the most efficient if you can get it down.

How Does It Work?

There isn’t a secret to making the toss and wash work well but there are a few different ways to do it and you might respond better to one way or another. Essentially you will:

  • Take your dose of kratom powder and place it in your mouth
  • Have your drink already poured and try not to breathe or talk before swallowing
  • Take a sip of your drink and allow the powder to fully mix with the liquid before swallowing

As you see, it’s just as easily done as it does sound but why do some people prefer to avoid the toss and wash if it’s so simple? The main reason is having the dry powder in your mouth. It’s very easy to trigger a cough. Simply breathing in the powder could cause you to involuntarily expel the powder before you have the chance to ingest it if you breathe in while it’s in your mouth. The smallest particle could mean wasting an entire dose accidentally.

All you have to do to combat this problem is simply not to breathe in the powder. You can also do a “mix and wash” or you can reverse the steps of the original way to toss and wash your dose.

By reversing the steps we simply mean to take a drink first and then consume the powdered Kratom. This means the liquid will be in your mouth first allowing the dissolving of the kratom to happen immediately without the powder having to directly touch your tongue. Also, some kratom lovers love the taste of raw kratom but others might want to avoid it and this is a good way to do that. Additionally, you might want to also consider what you take the kratom with.

Water will suffice because the goal is to just wash it down but this might actually be the perfect chance for you to potentiate your dose or in better terms, increase its potency. If you’re going to do this, the mix-and-wash method might be an even more effective and quick option for you to try

Mixing It Up: How to Take Kratom Powder by Toss and Wash

The mix and wash works just as it sounds. It’s essentially the same process and the only difference is that you will be mixing your kratom into your drink and then taking the dose that way. This method allows you to avoid the taste and could save your stash from potentially being wasted if you have a hard time not breathing it in before you have your drink.

Now, with this option, it might be a good opportunity to enhance the alkaloids of your kratom which will help to boost the effects you feel from your kratom dose. Citrus drinks for example are one of the top kratom potentiators and you can either mix it if you like or it might be easier to use grapefruit or orange juice as a chaser instead since the powder won’t dissolve due to the temperature of the juice likely being too cold. If you decide that you’re a fan of the toss and wash or the mix and wash, you could consider making kratom shots with other potentiators as the base.

A good choice would be apple cider vinegar. This option may go overlooked but it has significant health benefits. Not only is ACV a bacteria fighter but it can help with weight loss, and with lowering blood sugar levels. On top of that, it will elevate what you feel from your kratom dose giving you a great experience with added health advantages.

Be aware though that unless you’re used to drinking ACV that the taste can be a bit off-putting at first. Offsetting the tartness can be easily done by adding a more tasty chaser behind it or by simply topping it with something else to help mask the taste such as honey, agave, or even maple syrup.

When you buy kratom online, consider the fact that different types of kratom have different effects to offer so pay close attention to how you use the toss and wash method because this method does get a lot of its popularity from its reduced time in kratom absorption compared to other products that may take a bit longer to fully absorb. For instance, Red Velvet strains may go down a bit different than White vein Kratom powder.

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Trying the Aeropress Technique

Have you heard of an Aeropress or have you used one? If so, chances are you’re a coffee lover and if you’re a kratom lover too, you’re about to be introduced to a kratom powder consumption method that is a popular choice from some and surprisingly lesser known by many.

An Aeropress is a type of manual coffee maker that has a plunger-based filter that allows you to steep coffee quickly to get the best cup of coffee with no grounds left behind and this method has proven to be a great way to get the most out of your kratom fast and efficiently, without wasting any of your supply.

Whether you want to completely switch and use kratom alone or combine it with your favorite blend of coffee when you learn how to take kratom, this method will help you experience the stimulating features that different kratom strains have to offer.

How Does the Aeropress Method Work?

You can use Aeropress to make delicious kratom tea or combine it with coffee. The inverted method is a good way to steep kratom tea leaves and the process is simple. You will use your Aeropress as you would any other time. Simply place the leaves within the chamber and then pour hot water over them. After allowing the tea to steep, you can press out the tea into your cup and the process is the same for coffee.

Depending on what you decide to make, you will need to determine the most appropriate dosage for your brew as well. For example, if you are a new kratom user, you might want to stick to lower doses when combined with coffee grounds. Our dosing guidelines are to take 1 teaspoon (3 grams) with water every 8 hours and do not exceed 10 grams in 24 hours.

For example, Kratom Green strains can promote better focus and concentration due to its capability to act as a stimulant. Some green or white kratom options could also give off more enjoyable effects. The type you use will often depend on your personal preference but the process to blend it with tea or coffee will be the same. On the other hand, other strains, like Red Bali kratom, will assist you later on in the evening for what you need.

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Combining Coffee and Kratom

While using Aeropress is simple, there is a bit of thought that should go into combining your kratom powder with your choice of coffee. There will be different strains of kratom that better accompany certain blends than they might another. For instance, lighter roasts will often present with a slightly higher amount of caffeine than other options and because of this, you might want to offset some of your caffeine intakes by mixing in a strain of kratom that will help.

For example, Red Bali kratom or another red kratom strain, may be more appropriate for lighter roasts. If you enjoy dark roast coffee, you might also enjoy mixing in a yellow strain of kratom like Yellow Borneo to experience more of a powerful kick. Keep in mind though that with coffee roasts, kratom dosing is important. Also, coffee is a natural potentiator (and cousin) to Kratom powder so you have the added benefits of this fact. You don’t want to mix in a certain strain of kratom with a highly caffeinated cup of coffee and overstimulate yourself. If you want to buy kratom online, the trick is to learn proper pairing and kratom dosing when you use the Aeropress method.

There are a variety of ways to experience kratom. Kratom powder is providing help to people across the world that want to better maintain certain conditions, relieve discomfort, or simply experience a better quality of life. All three of these methods give kratom users different options to enjoy their stash, get more from it, and even preserve it.

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