Kratom powder is a staple…..People have been experimenting with how kratom can help with the struggles they have and with that, the popularity of kratom powder continues to grow and its uses continue to expand.

While kratom has proven to be a way to increase its potency, however, does diminish over time….but only if the product isn’t stored properly.

With the proper storage solutions for your kratom powder, you can help to maintain its potency, save money, and increase the effects that you feel from the product. Let’s go over some of the top storage tips for storing kratom powder to help with enhancing and maintaining its quality and its “shelf life”.

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Airtight Storage Is Standard

Moisture will cause your kratom stash to spoil and airtight storage is a way to combat that issue. When mold is present, the product should no longer be used and should be thrown away. This means throwing away money and kratom powder that would have been of good quality if stored properly in the first place. Using storage containers with airtight seals is the best way to maintain dryness and increase the time the product lasts.

Always Store in a Dry Place

Kratom powder is a good way to reach a level of tranquility and relaxation but without being kept in a dry place, you won’t experience the effects that the alkaloids in the product have to offer. Keeping your kratom in a dry area will prevent the product from becoming stale and from forming algae within the doses that you store.

Put Your Freezer to Good Use (but not the refrigerator)

Realize that we said freezer and not the refrigerator and the reason for this is the moisture that the refrigerator can cause. As we know, kratom does spoil and should be kept in a dry space so any sources of or contributors to moisture will cause the product to degrade faster.

Keep in mind that the freezer can present unwanted condensation as well but this storage method does offer you a better chance of maintaining the quality of the product. Using the freezer isn’t the most ideal storage method given the potential of moisture exposure but if you factor in where you live, how cool your home is kept, whether the interior of your home is subject to moisture, and how often if so, it is going to be a better option compared to a dark cabinet that may trap heat or on the countertop a kitchen that doesn’t ventilate well, causing slow dissipation of smoke or steam.

There are though, a few tips you want to consider when using the freezer method such as:

  • Getting a hygrometer for your freezer to keep up with levels of moisture
  • Dating what you store your kratom powder in so that you can have a baseline of both the look and time you’ve had the product
  • Using vapor-proof packaging to seal the product to protect it from outside elements including moisture

Bulk Is Better

Storing your kratom powder in bulk will decrease the rate at which it spoils. Smaller amounts in separate packaging will often spoil a bit faster and the reason for this is that it’s taking up less space in the packaging. This is more of an issue if you are using standard-sized Ziploc bags versus storage bags that more appropriately match the amount of kratom powder you want to store.

Keep in mind that kratom comes in a variety of product types from powder to capsules and tea leaves to liquid. The way you store each product will vary but with kratom powder, it’s important to know that kratom does present with mold once it goes bad and its lifespan will vary on how and where you store it, the type of kratom product you have, and how long you’ve intended to keep it. Storing it in bulk limits the amount of space in the storage solution you choose and this also reduces the amount of oxygen that it’s exposed to in the case of not sealing the storage bag or container properly.

Storing your kratom powder in an area where the air is much dryer and with lower levels of UV light will help to extend the time that it lasts. One of the best ways to ensure proper storage is to use a storage bag that absorbs oxygen.

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buying kratom online and storing your kratom at home

Oxygen-Absorbing Bags Are Your Friend

Mitragynine is the active ingredient in kratom products that gives you the effects that you feel when you use kratom powder but the effects from this ingredient don’t last forever. The potency levels of the product will start to diminish if not stored properly and although the life span of kratom powder can range from one to three months, without proper storage, you might be cutting that shelf life in half, if not by more.

Regardless of the Tactic You Use, Check Your Kratom Powder

Kratom powder, just like with other products, is subject to going bad but if kept in the most optimal conditions, you can increase the time that you have to use the powder and get the best effects from the strain you have. Regardless of whether you keep your kratom powder in a dry, cool, and dark space with moisture-free, airtight packaging, you still want to check the product before use. If you live in a warmer climate, or you don’t have central air conditioning, it’s best to increase how much you are checking your kratom products to keep an eye on them.

The same goes for any type of spice or coffee for example. Since spices and coffees present as refined powders or are ground, people are often under the misconception that they don’t spoil like anything else that you can consume but this is untrue. This is something else to pay attention to if you make kratom coffee or use spices to potentiate your kratom doses. Overall, the best thing to do would be to date your kratom packages.

Buying From the Right Supplier Makes a Difference

When you buy kratom online, you want to make sure that you are buying from a quality supplier. The original state of the kratom you purchase will make a difference in the shelf life of the product once you start to store it. Kratom powder from a trusted source will give you safe, high-quality products to start with which will give you more desired results when it comes to effectiveness and could potentially mean a better shelf life as well.

Keep in mind that all kratom suppliers aren’t equal as they source, ship, and store their products differently. Those that are more trusted and prioritize quality and safety will often get fresh batches with high potency levels to you versus the alternative.

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Shorter-Term vs. Longer-Term Storage

Buying kratom in bulk is more cost-effective and this is a popular approach when you want to buy kratom online. Depending on how you plan to use your kratom will cause your storage methods to fluctuate a bit and you will want to comply with the best storage options to preserve the potency of your kratom stash. For example, if you are planning to take daily doses of kratom, you will store this differently than you would for kratom that you plan to store and not use for over a month.


When trying kratom for the first time, one or two grams is a good place to start. After this, you will be able to better gauge what the best daily dose will be for the effects you want to achieve which will often range anywhere from two to eight grams.

For short-term storage, Ziploc bags are a good solution and the good thing is that they come in a variety of sizes so you can easily size the bag to your dose. When you do this, still ensure that the bag is fully sealed and that you have pushed out any air in the bag before sealing it. Store the bag in a dry place that isn’t in direct light to maintain the freshness of the product.

If you are new to storing kratom powder, look for a few signs to give you an indication of the upkeep of the consistency of the product such as a diminished aroma, discoloration in the powder, and any signs of mold. If any mold is present, discard that entire dose as mold spores will often still be present regardless of the removal of visible mold.


If you are going for a more long-term option, a vacuum sealer might be your best choice. After vacuum sealing your kratom powder, you can preserve its life even more by storing those bags in the freezer until you decide to use it. If you do this though, ensure that you aren’t exposing the kratom to humidity when you take the packages out of the freezer. One of the best ways to do this is to allow the powder to come back down to room temperature before opening the package.

The way kratom powder is stored will directly affect the effectiveness of the product. To get more out of your kratom stash, you want to ensure your kratom products are kept dry and free of moisture, in a cool space with very little to no UV light exposure, and that they’re kept in smaller storage options.

Learning the trick of kratom preservation isn’t hard to get a hang of but ensuring you have a quality product can be so, always shop with a trusted and high-quality kratom supplier like The Kratom Family to start with the best products when buying kratom online.

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