Mitragyna Speciosa, more commonly known as Kratom, is a plant native to Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years, locals have enjoyed the benefits of eating fresh Kratom leaves or drinking dried leaves that have been crushed into a fine powder and steeped as a tea. 

Today, Kratom is shipped all over the world and enjoyed for its health and wellness benefits. Most consumers like the herb’s ability to help manage and promote various needs. Available as a powder, tea, tincture, and extract or extract chewable—Kratom consumers have lots of options to fit their specific tastes and needs.

What Should I Know About Kratom’s Impacts?


What Should I Know About Kratom’s Impacts

A complex plant, Kratom’s effects may seem to be at odds with one another. For instance, Kratom can have multiple qualities. And, with so many Kratom strains and alkaloid levels available, plus different brands and products, there can be many variances in Kratom’s impacts.

Ratio and dosage play a part in Kratom’s impacts, too. Lower doses may have one effect and higher doses another. It’s important to make sure you start slow and go from there if you are new to Kratom.

Can Kratom Extract Chewables Help Me?


Can Kratom Extract Chewables Help Soothe Discomfort

Kratom extract chewables may help with various issues. The National Library of Medicine shares a few research findings that point to Kratom’s restorative qualities, and its potential ability to help you achieve an overall positive day. 

What else are Kratom extract chewables used for?

How Long Does It Take For Kratom Extract Chewables To Act?


How Long Does It Take For Kratom Extract Chewables To Act

Kratom extract chewables, just like regular Kratom powder, have a multitude of active ingredients. Alkaloid levels, ratios, and dosages all impact just how quickly Kratom may affect you and your body. But what each type has in common is that the Kratom (whatever form you ingest), must first move through your digestive system and enter the small intestine before your body can absorb the Kratom and begin processing it.

The National Library of Medicine reports that Kratom’s effects usually peak between two to four hours after ingestion and may stay in the body up to seven hours. The National Library of Medicine also suggests that the older red strain of Kratom may be more effective and faster-acting than the younger, green strain. 

Tip: If you’d like the effects of Kratom extract chewables to begin more quickly, you can try ingesting it on an empty stomach. This will speed up the process in which Kratom is digested and absorbed by your body–fast-tracking its subsequent effects. 

Do you know how Kratom extract chewables are made?

 What’s the Best Way to Enjoy Kratom?


 What’s the Best Way to Enjoy Kratom

In its original form, some people find Kratom’s taste to be too strong. To help offset this, there are a few things you can do to make your Kratom more palatable:

  • Make a mix. Blend your powdered kratom with fruit juice, lemonade, or iced tea to disguise the flavor. (Or try drinking it quickly, to lessen the taste!)
  • Brew a tea. Drinking hot or warm Kratom tea may be easier on the stomach and hasten the effects. (Adding a bit of honey can help your tea taste a bit smoother, too.) 
  • Try an extract chewable. If you’d prefer not to drink your Kratom, you can try a chewable form (a good choice for people who don’t care for the taste). But note that extracts are stronger than powdered Kratom. When enjoying an extract or extract chewable, be sure to check with your healthcare provider to determine the best ratio strength and dosage for you. 

Learn more about the differences between Kratom powder and Kratom extract chewables.

What Kratom Variants Are Used to Make Kratom Extract Chewables?  


kratom extract chewables

Kratom is a highly diverse plant, with a plethora of strains available to today’s consumers. The vein colors of Kratom tree leaves reflect the maturity level of the leaves at the time of harvest. The potency and alkaloid content of the leaves shift, according to the leaves’ age and color, too.

To help break down the attributes of each Kratom vein color, be sure to use our guide below.

White Vein Kratom 

For Kratom consumers who’ve tried several varieties, White vein Kratom can be a good option for many. You might think white vein Kratom’s pale leaves mean they’re a lower potency variety. This isn’t the case. Instead, White vein is a stronger potency. Much like a strong cup of coffee, White Vein Kratom can give you a bit of a jolt.

Some examples of White Vein Kratom include White Malay, White Nano, Git’r’Done, White Bali, White Lightning, and Wild White.

 Green Vein Kratom 

Kratom green lovers looking for a “just right” Kratom may like Green Vein Kratom for its “not too strong” and “not too weak” qualities. 

A modest variety, Green Vein Kratom strains—like Green Kalimantan, Green Nano, Green Elephant, Green Bliss, and more—may help promote whatever you’re doing that day and make the day significantly improve.

Red Vein Kratom 

We like to think of Red Vein Kratom (or Borneo Red Kratom) as helping to assist with overall well-being. Many Red Vein Kratom products have positive characteristics many of our customers enjoy daily. 

Look for varieties like Red Nano, Red Borneo, Red Velvet, or True Red Bentuangie, if you’d like to give Red Vein Kratom a try.

Can I Experiment With Different Kratom Strains?

Yes, you can! Different vein colors, blends, potencies, and more are all offered by online vendors.

An important word of caution: With all the variances of Kratom available, there are also wildly different affects. If you’re just getting started with Kratom, it’s advisable to stick with one brand, strain, product, and dosage until your body is acclimated. 

More advanced Kratom consumers should discuss exploring other Kratom strains and products with their healthcare provider, before testing. 

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Why Should I Try Kratom Extract Chewables?


Why Should I Try Kratom Extract Chewables

Although purchasing Kratom online is simple, not all sellers are the same. To help you shop safely, be sure to check out our guide outlining everything you need to know about buying Kratom extract chewables online.

The Kratom Family is always seeking new ways to help you on your Kratom journey by providing you with knowledge and products that offer you the most satisfactory experience. With nearly 20 years of experience with Kratom-based products, our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here, or by calling (276) 582-0809.

Check out our Kratom guide, to learn more about Kratom extract chewables and The Kratom Family products.


Due to the FDA restrictions, we can’t share any recommendations for Kratom use or discuss the specific effects of various Kratom strains. It’s best to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before taking Kratom, and to help you discern what dosage is right for you. It’s also a good idea to do your own research and learn more about Kratom’s various properties. Be sure to bookmark our blog to get the latest insights. And, we encourage you to also visit the American Kratom Association website for additional resources and info. 


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