If you have been seeing all of these Kratom sales online any at all, you may have wondered “What Is Kratom Powder Like?”. Kratom powder is what it sounds like, finely ground kratom leaf.

Mitragyna speciosa, the active compound in Kratom leaves, commonly known as kratom (pronounced “kraytum” or “kraa-tum”), is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family (Rubiaceae) native to Southeast Asia. The leaf of the tree has been traditionally used both medicinally and recreationally for thousands of years, typically by chewing fresh leaves or brewing them into a tea. Kratom has alkaloid properties that make it work effectively which is why millions of Americans are enjoying it today.

Mitragyna speciosa trees grow up to 15 meters tall with large leaves spanning over 3 feet wide. When fully grown, Mitragyna speciosa can live for more than 50 years! There are about 40 different types of kratom. The most commonly found variety is the red kratom leaf, which is what this article focuses on.

In Southeast Asia, Kratom has been used for centuries as an assistant to improve their overall day and impact certain tasks. In small doses, it can be a stimulant similar to coffee, while in larger doses it has been said to “chill out” the body without the harmful side effects.

How Kratom Came To Be

It is believed that Dutch merchants in the early to mid-1800s brought Mitragyna speciosa, from Indonesia to Malaysia, where it was planted in a botanical garden in what would become George Town. In 1931, the director of the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction in Malaya issued a notice banning the planting of Kratom. However, what had already become Malayan custom was more powerful than what would be politically mandated, and its use continued.

It has been reported that Malaysian natives used kratom for a variety of things they were dealing with. It was even considered an aid to improve worker productivity during the British colonial Malaya era and was sold in local shops. More often than not, white vein Kratom was used here to improve worker activities.

In Malaysia, kratom is typically found growing wildly as a weed (even though it’s a tree). As far as climate, it prefers wet ground and partial shade. It thrives in a place of full sunlight with abundant water. In Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Thailand where Kratom has been used for centuries as part of their folk tradition.

Kratom’s popularity in the United States began to grow in the early 2000’s. Americans quickly learned what is kratom and soon learned that most of what is imported into the United States comes from places like Indonesia and Thailand. During this time, many people in the West began to learn about kratom’s powerful effects and the ability to assist in other forms of relief.

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The Different Kratom Strains

Kratom is also referred to as “Ketum”, “Biak”, “Kahuam”, “Ithang”, and many other names depending on what country you are in or what culture traditionally used it.

Simply put, there are three main types of kratom strains: red, white, and green. Each one has a different set of effects, which can vary depending on the user’s physiology. Some people find that one strain works better for them than another, so it’s worth trying out all three to see what gives you the best results.

The red vein kratom leaf, or Borneo red Kratom, is what most people know about. This type of kratom leaf has been known to be more helpful in small amounts and also make the user more adaptable in larger amounts. This is what most people like to use in the United States because it helps them when trying to get things done.

The Kratom green strains have been known to be more ‘middle of the road’ when it comes to results. The green strain gives what some users describe as the perfect improvement to their day. Different green strains will accomplish a variety of aspects depending on which one you try at the time. Red, white, and green leaves all have a specific and unique chemistry. It is due to the various drying/harvesting processes that create these valuable plants that customers love. We will talk about the drying process in a minute.

The white vein kratom leaf has been known to act as a way to make your day better and is not for the faint of heart. White vein leaves have been manipulated the most from harvesting to drying and the alkaloid content creates a scenario for the tea drinker that some enjoy and others don’t. Many people in America love whites for the assistance it gives them naturally, however, others are labeled “opposites” which means whites act more like a red vein does for most of us. We’ll get into opposites in a bit.

As in any case, you should try all three types if you can (and responsibly) because your experience might be entirely different than what others are reporting. It is important to understand that to enjoy kratom tea, you must evolve into a responsible kratom consumer.

The Drying Process

The primary way that Indonesian farmers dry their kratom leaves is by what is called “sun-drying.” This process, which takes about two weeks to complete, begins with washing the harvested plants in water. Next, they are laid out on bamboo mats and left to air-dry for 10 days. When this period is over, the plant matter will be brittle enough to break into small pieces when you rub it between your fingers. The ground dried leaf then gets packaged for sale or export as what we know as kratom powder today.

There is another process that has caught on that creates an astounding finished product. Thailand farmers dry their leaves with UV lights and it has become a popular way to get a powerful strain. The process starts with washing the harvested plants in water and laying them out on bamboo mats so they can air-dry for 10 days (this is the period for most farmers, but it isn’t the law. This portion of time varies from farmer to farmer). When this period is over, the plant matter will be brittle enough to break into small pieces when you rub it between your fingers.

The Thai method of drying allows the plant matter to dry in a few hours. The UV light dehydrates the leaves just enough so that they don’t rot from being outside when delivered, but also not so dehydrated that they become powder in a day or two.

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Opposites Attract?

When it comes to drinking kratom powder, some find that the white vein variety works one way, the red another, and the green as a strain that yet works a different way for them.

That’s the result for the general population who enjoys Kratom tea. However, there are a few customers who are called “opposites”. Being an opposite means exactly what you think it means. If you’re trying to learn what is Kratom powder, then understanding whether or not you’re the “opposite” is going to be an important aspect of your education.

If you find out that you are an opposite, then try out some different varieties of kratom powder until you find what works best for you. Of course, there are always opposites in every group so don’t worry about feeling special or excluded because of what type of Kratom powder benefits your body most. If one strain of Kratom doesn’t work for you, move on to another one. The reason it didn’t work could mean that YOU are an opposite.

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The Results of Kratom

Many people say that they find their day to be heightened when enjoying a variety of Kratom, making it perfect for those who want to see improvement or who need a more slower evening after work. The effects of such leaves might also counteract a whole wealth of other things you might face during the day or experience at night before bedtime.

Those who understand what is kratom also enjoy a variety of strains for what it does for their daily balance. It also helps when they find some great Kratom sales as well. They might find strong benefits from strains designed to boost confidence and fight what they feel as something bad that could have happened to them that day.

In the end, someone who finally lands on a strain they love can ultimately begin to lead a better lifestyle. One might say that people who enjoy Kratom tea consistently are well. To be “well” means to be “whole” and while we can be “fine” at times, “fine” is not where we want to stay. The end goal is to be WELL and the results of finding that perfect Kratom strain can sometimes be the first steps to offering balance in your life.

Where To Buy Kratom Online

This article has been about what is kratom powder? But for a newbie, they still need to find a respectable vendor where they can buy kratom online. Many factors contribute to finding a reputable vendor who lab tests their products. One way you can be sure of getting pure, quality kratom is to contact the online seller. If any questions arise, feel free to contact their customer service department before placing your order. They should also offer discounts on bulk orders.

A reputable vendor will offer a variety of payment types for their customers. A company should have an SSL encrypted checkout page so you can buy with confidence when paying via credit card or debit cards when making an online purchase. They may also accept different forms of payment, which many vendors are now offering as an option. While you may start to understand what kratom powder is, there are some important things you need to consider before placing your order online through any given vendor. Here at The Kratom Family, we proudly offer lab testing on all of our products, ensuring the quality of every gram of kratom powder we ship. Nothing is more important than quality, and it should be like this from every vendor you encounter.

If a vendor keeps putting you off about showing the labs, this is a warning sign that they may not have any. The good news is, there are several reputable vendors in the kratom industry that can help guide you through the process.

How To Take Kratom

Kratom powder is available in different quantities, ranging from small packets that are perfect for trying it out to bulk buy options. It’s up to you to determine the quantity of Kratom powder that would be most beneficial to your needs, whether it’s a small amount or a large amount. When you buy kratom powder, make sure you store it properly so that there are no impurities. Also, keep in mind that this can get messy if done incorrectly!

When enjoying kratom for the first time, start with very low doses. Many say they have taken as little as 1/8 of a teaspoon or even less. Kratom creates positive effects, so it can be used to decrease discomfort levels of all different types of severity.

When beginning your Kratom journey, start small if you’re not sure how it will affect you.

Kratom can be found in different forms, including powder, capsules, gummies, resin, and more. The route we suggest with someone who is learning what is kratom is to start with the powder first. You can always find other creative ways to enjoy it later. But for now, get the basics understood and go from there.

Just remember these key factors when you purchase Kratom online:

Lab Tested – Make sure the vendor has a lab they can show you and that all their kratom is tested to ensure its purity.

Price – Quality kratom is often a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it for your health and well-being!

Start small – If this is your first time experiencing Kratom powder, start with a small dose like 1/2 teaspoon and work your way up from there. You can always add more later. For now, it’s important to understand the symbiotic relationship your body will have with this plant.

Stop worrying about this phrase – “Where can I find Kratom sales near me?“. Generally, smoke shops don’t provide testing and its ridiculous to order local. Besides, that Kratom is usually junk.

In Conclusion

You have taken the first steps to better understand what is kratom powder. If this is truly your first time hearing/reading about this plant, then I want to welcome you to a family that consists of millions of Americans. I recommend that you read up on everything you can about Kratom, join some Facebook groups and get to know the community. There are a lot of people out there (including us) who are willing to help guide you through this process so you can start enjoying this leaf as well. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to use our contact page and reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help.

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