If you’re looking to buy Kratom online, you may already know it is a featured recommendation when it comes to alternative resources, and for good reason. The plant turned supplement, turned powder, or turned tea, among other things, has the natural power to help with all sorts of things going on in your life. With its many advantages and seemingly perfect mixture of choices given that you can choose between several different options when it comes to strains and what they do, there are still some common misconceptions when it comes to buying kratom online.

Knowing how to differentiate between what people often expect and what reality is can give you a higher-quality kratom experience and a better understanding of what the product is and how to ensure you’re partnering with a premium supplier.

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Common Misconceptions

There are a variety of common misconceptions when it comes to buying kratom online and a lot of it may be due to miscommunication and poor education surrounding the herbal supplement and the origin question, “What is Kratom?“. A few of the most mentioned misconceptions regarding the product are;

#1 – High Quality Means More Expensive Every Time

High price tags don’t necessarily mean high quality and this is something that many people assume when they see high prices for one supplier in comparison to another. When you’re trying to determine if your shipment of kratom products is of good quality, you want to look for accurate labeling as well as packaging. Look for consistencies in both spelling and claims made on the packaging as there are certain things that legitimate kratom suppliers won’t say or put on their packaging.

Additionally, look into the distribution practices of the company and proof of lab testing. What you’re doing here is looking beyond the price of the products. Also, prices that may seem too high or too low could be red flags that the company isn’t legitimate and doesn’t practice safe manufacturing or distribution of the product as they should to make it safe for humans to use.

Instead, look for suppliers that appear more flexible with their pricing. Affordable options with proof of their prices and an effort to educate buyers on the actual product can give consumers more of a clear sign of the legitimacy of the company.

#2 – The Cheap Stuff Is Probably the Worst Sourced Product

Cheap kratom doesn’t necessarily mean the product is of low quality just as the more expensive products doesn’t mean the products are of the highest quality. When you make a purchase, regardless of price, you’ll want to analyze your shipment and what you’ll be looking for is anything that may seem out of the ordinary. This could be defects in the packaging or material that may be present in the kratom that you know shouldn’t be there.

Keep in mind that with kratom, there is no formal level of standardization or quality control. Where this becomes a problem is when consumers aren’t checking their products themselves before actual use and essentially risking a safe experience in exchange for a fast experience. There are, however, company-level standards for manufacturing and handling.

This is simply another reason to work with a supplier that proves its legitimacy. While the origin of kratom may be appropriate to maintain it in its natural state, there is a level of manufacturing that needs to be upheld to provide quality products to actually be consumed safely by humans.

This involves proper chemical analysis and lab testing but if you do take the risk and make a kratom purchase from a supplier that doesn’t show proof of testing or any general reassurance in regard to safety, you need to do self-checks of every product that you order. Price will not constitute whether you do or don’t find something that may cause concern.

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#3 – Regardless of Quality, Your Health Won’t Be Affected

Assuming that bad or simply low-quality kratom won’t affect you negatively is a way of lying to yourself, as there is such a thing as bad kratom. Kratom has to go through specific manufacturing processes when being prepared for shipment and consumption. When you receive low-quality kratom, chances are there is something present in the product that shouldn’t be there.

Whether that’s signs of metals or trace material of different levels of contaminants that may not have been properly extracted from the product if at all, these things can negatively affect your health. Experiencing adverse reactions to the product, or start to exhibit symptoms that indicate a bad batch is always terrible news. The only way to know if a kratom product is of higher quality is to ensure the seller is a trusted source of the product therefore allowing you to safely buy kratom.

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You Can Get It Shipped Anywhere if You Buy Kratom Online

People often think that just because you can buy kratom online that the products can be shipped anywhere. This is untrue as kratom is not legal everywhere although it is generally legal throughout the United States, some states currently do not allow kratom. Those interested in the product will need to be aware if it is even legal in their state.

Even if you purchase with a supplier, if you are shipping to a state where kratom is not legal, the supplier simply won’t fulfill the order so this isn’t something that you would accidentally be able to order if it isn’t legal in your state.

Lab-Testing Doesn’t Matter, All Kratom Products Are Safe (Very Much False)

Kratom that has not been lab-tested should be considered unsafe and too risky for consumption. All kratom products are not the same as suppliers don’t always get their products from the same place, prepare their products in the same way, or even ship them by the same standards. Lab testing is an important feature to look for when you are seeking a company that specializes in kratom sourcing and selling as this will provide a sense of trust and a level of security in the terms of general supplement safety.

When kratom is lab tested, the products are analyzed for signs of heavy metals or any other contaminants that could make the product unsafe for oral intake. Without this confirmation of testing, consumers are willingly taking a chance that the product will contain something that could harm them during use.

As a tip, high-quality and experienced kratom companies will share their lab-testing certificates with customers without being asked. On that note, we want to stress to the customer that, while lab tests are important, take proper care to ensure the lab tests you are looking at are from the company providing them. Do your due diligence and call the laboratory and double check the labs with the confirmation number provided on the lab report. This will also show know the vendor in question has actually tested the product, therefore improving the results of overall safety.

All Types of Kratom Will Give Me the Same Results as Others Who Have Tried It

All types of kratom products will not produce the same results for every person that tries it. Yes, reviews are good to go by, but those interested in trying kratom should be aware that everyone has their own reasons for using kratom products. Every person has their own level of tolerance and their own preferences for consumption.

Some may feel effects faster than others while some may take a bit longer to notice changes in various instances of their day. Effects may also be altered by other factors such as medical history, whether a person is actively taking another medication, or even the way that the product was consumed, such as by drinking kratom tea or taking kratom extracts as a supplement. (Please do not take Kratom with other medications or supplements).

The important thing to realize is that universal kratom experiences are a very common misconception so basing what and how much you buy on the experience of another person may or may not give you the same results as that person. The best thing to do would be to order a kratom sample pack from a reputable supplier when you buy kratom online to get a better idea of what works best for you and the specific reasons you want to try kratom products. This is what makes for the best experience, especially if you are a first-time kratom customer.

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Kratom Tea Drinkers Don’t Need To Be Responsible Since This Is A Plant

Since kratom is a plant, this tea should be thought of as something everyone should be enjoying responsibly.

While concerns of use are usually associated with the use of kratom in its purest form, it should be enjoyed responsibly and not while taking other medications, especially if you have never consumed kratom. When one is well-educated on the product and have done their homework on kratom before use, it makes for a safer and more enjoyable experience, as everyone will require different doses or cycles of use to achieve their desired level of effects.

Overall, kratom itself is “as addictive as a cup of coffee” as stated in the 8-factor analysis test performed by Dr. Jack Heningfield, but being a responsible kratom tea drinker in general is simple to do. If you are trying kratom tea for the first time, or if you have questions about continued use of kratom tea, it would be best to ask experienced tea drinkers questions and to do your own research on the best kratom tea powder to try. Additionally, someone who is researching what they should do to enjoy Kratom tea responsibly will always find the best thing is to consult with your doctor to get more insight before you begin to experience Kratom tea. Especially if this person is being prescribed medication that might interfere.

Kratom Is an Opioid

Kratom is not an opioid and potential consumers often wonder about this when researching more about the product. The simple reality is that kratom is a natural product and it derives from Southeast Asia from a tree called Mitragyna Speciosa. It’s considered to be an herbal supplement and not an opioid. This misconception comes from the alkaloids that can be found within kratom that give the supplement its effects.

These alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are psychoactive ingredients and have caused people to assume that the supplement is an opioid based on those effects alone. Although kratom can leave behind some bioactive alkaloids, the manufacturing process is meant to test the products for purity to ensure any adverse materials or contaminants are not present.

Buying Kratom Products: What to Know

When you buy kratom tea or any other type of kratom product, there are a few things that buyers should know ahead of time. While kratom users have said that the product enhances their overall level of goodness, you want to be sure that you realize, not every user is buying from the same supplier or verifying that they’ve double-checked safety measures used when looking for a supplier and purchasing from them.

Not every supplier is created equal and that’s the truth for just about every kratom product. Aside from the exception of companies that take additional measures to ensure they provide some form of kratom standardization and shipment processes. When you buy kratom online, make sure to;

  • Do your homework and educate yourself on kratom facts
  • Learn about the different ways to enjoy kratom
  • Get your own order specific to the reason you want to try kratom
  • Reach out to suppliers and ask questions if you’re ever unsure
  • Never buy kratom products without doing preliminary research first

If consumers follow these simple tips, what they experience when they receive their order, especially if they are trying kratom with the family will be more enjoyable and worry-free.

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Unlocking the Reality of Kratom Products

The reality of buying kratom online is that the process can be simple, safe, and enjoyable, with the right supplier. Separating the misconceptions from the truth can make the process even more satisfying and can make your kratom experience more effective, efficient, and generally beneficial.

There are various myths about kratom products that cause potential kratom buyers to stall their decisions in looking for high-quality kratom due to the belief that there may not be suppliers that favor quality over the amount of products they sell. This is the biggest misconception when it comes to the reality of purchasing kratom online as reputable suppliers are often overshadowed by those that may not be legitimate, but feature themselves based on low prices or seemingly fast purchases and shipment rather than the actual safety of their inventory.

The Takeaway

There are many reputable vendors out there that have the same passion and desire The Kratom Family does to bring high quality products to the customer. If potential buyers will keep these ideas in mind and remember that responsibility comes first, they should be able to find a great vendor who will meet their needs.

There is more that goes into high-quality kratom, premium experiences, and safe supply. It’s working with a company that makes safety and quality their top priority when selling better health through kratom.

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