Whether you decide to chew it, brew it, mix it, or consume your kratom powder in another way, the experience you have might not be the same for someone else. Even if three people are sharing the same product, all three people are more than likely going to have separate experiences. This includes the effect they feel, how quickly they feel those effects, and how long they last.

The reason for this is based on a variety of factors from the strain that’s used to the general tolerance level the person has for the kratom altogether. While different strains help kratom lovers achieve different experiences, you may not feel the same effects from that same product over time and there are a few specific reasons why.

We’re going to take a look at the top factors that play a part in causing different kratom experiences so, keep reading to get a better idea of why your reaction is different from others and why it may even be different each time you try kratom.

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Different Strains Present Different Effects

There are different species of kratom and where the kratom is sourced from (its region) and how it was sourced will determine how the active substances in the plant were altered. This means that the different physiological effects you experience are what characterize the type of strain you have. The species will represent the origin of the kratom and the color will help to categorize the powder as well.

While there are a variety of kratom species, they will usually fall into four main categories. However, the properties of kratom won’t necessarily be different verses where the kratoms leaves originated from.

Let’s take a look at the 4 main kratom strains to get a better idea of how they are supposed to work and why each strain might alter the experience that kratom users have.

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is going to be harvested after the kratom plant has completely matured. This is an example of how different strains present different characteristics because each strain is harvested at different points in the maturing process which is what causes the fluctuating levels of potency and alkaloids that are present in the leaves.

Red vein kratom specifically produces aged leaves, just like with any other, will depend on the general dosage, and how it was grown, sourced, and stored. While these are leaves that will alter what you experience, other factors will cause your experience to vary as well such as your personal level of tolerance and even metabolism.

Red vein kratom powder helps to alter your experience and will be based on the dose and how you initially feel. For example, with a red strain, you will often be more in touch with nature but you may also experience a slight boost in positivity. This strain generally has more positive qualities and is a good choice for those that struggle with reaching a consistent level of awareness.

Keep in mind though that while these are the usual effects that red vein kratom will produce, this may not be the standard case for everyone as the exact effects you experience will range.

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom powder differs from a red strain in that it produces opposite effects. What you will often get is an experience you won’t soon forget. Yes, you will often experience a higher ability to combat the days events and continue to live your life in a positive manner.

This strain is known to be a more potent option, but not everyone will have the same experience. Again, it will have more to do with dosage and its native origin, and of course, the person.

Green Vein Kratom

A natural aphrodisiac, kratom green tea powder produces a mixture of both characterisitics of red vein and white vein. Keep in mind that different veins of kratom will also present with multiple types so don’t assume that every type of kratom powder of the same color will give you the same experience. What sets green vein kratom apart is its ability to give kratom users the best of both of these worlds.

Kratom users can achieve these experiences when they consume green vein kratom tea because it is in the middle of the maturity phase for the leaf and can have this experience be very positive.

While it may seem like each strain has similar effects they will have their own set of target effects with some being more prevalent in one strain over another. When you buy kratom online, consider the effects that you want to experience, your tolerance level, and how much of the product you need.

Yellow Vein Kratom

Now that we have a better idea of the main types of kratom powder strains and what they are intended for, there is another type that is said to be the most potent strain of kratom. While it isn’t technically part of the primary set of kratom strains, you will often find it being offered alongside them. Yellow vein kratom is a combination of green and white kratom. It can be made through a specific drying process of red kratom as well.

Regardless of how it’s made, it has been said to offer effects that last longer and it’s very similar to that of green vein kratom in terms of effects. Even though yellow vein kratom is often seen as more potent and with a longer lifespan of the experience it produces, this will still vary by the user.

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My Kratom Powder Experience

Personal Factors Make a Difference

Just like with anything else, kratom experiences will vary by the person and this will depend on numerous factors. If you take different medications for example, while medications have a baseline of standard effects, different people may experience those effects at different times of onset, in different ways, and some people may not feel them at all depending on the symptoms they are trying to treat. The idea is essentially the same with kratom powder although you will feel the effects of the product that you use and you will achieve the effects that you desire as you get the hang of developing your appropriate dose for what you plan to use the product for. Different genetic variants could cause people to react to kratom differently.

For example, your genetic makeup could make you more susceptible to the effects associated with different holistic medications or any other type of medication for that matter. Your metabolism also plays a part in making the effects much quicker to experience for those with faster metabolisms than those with slower metabolisms.

Additionally, your age, your personal health factors, and even your active medication history will have something to do with the varying kratom experiences for different users, as it would with any other medication or general substance you consume.

Your Tolerance Level Plays a Role in What You Feel

If you are a frequent kratom user, chances are, you will start to build up a tolerance for the product more quickly than if you used kratom products more sparingly. It can take as little as a few weeks of frequent use of anything to develop a higher tolerance for what you are using and while incorporating kratom powder into your daily routine is fine, you will start to notice that over time, you will start to feel the same effects that you were feeling in decreased levels.

Luckily, there are ways to reset your tolerance so the next time that you buy kratom online, ensure that you think about your satisfaction with your tolerance level.

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Dosing Differently

The way you dose will play a large part in the experience you have and this is a top reason for varying effects as well. Keep in mind that regardless of the strain you use or the color of the powder, the effects won’t always be consistent, especially not among different people. Higher doses of kratom powder may feel differently for two different people that share the same kratom stash. Additionally, you have to consider if one person uses kratom powder daily and if another uses kratom products more sporadically.

Kratom products help users to achieve a wide range of benefits but those advantages won’t be the same for everyone. Different people have different kratom experiences and that’s one of the top drivers of the popularity behind kratom…..a unique experience, every time you buy kratom online.

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